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    WooCommerce Products Export-Import [BETA]


    This extension allows you to create your own inventory based upon the products listed in WooCommerce. You may update your inventory in Banana Accounting by aligning it with the details of products already listed on WooCommerce and export your inventory product data in a format already set up to import into WooCommerce to start selling online.

    WooCommerce extension description

    This extension for importing and exporting products sold on WooCommerce online shop simplifies and optimizes the integration between your online store and Banana Accounting software.

    The extension either allows the export of products already listed in your inventory from Banana Accounting to your WooCommerce online store, or may become an intuitive and efficient solution to easily allow you to import products directly from your online store into Banana Accounting.

    Banana Accounting is superior to Excel, allowing you to swiftly edit product details at any time and it guarantees that the information remains aligned to your online store on WooCommerce.

    The Banana Accounting extension offers you the opportunity to export product data already present in your Banana Accounting inventory in a format already prepared for import into WooCommerce. This streamlines the input and/or management of products in your online store, enabling you to maintain coherence and consistency between the two platforms and to begin selling online more seamlessly.

    As it is crucial to manage product information accurately and effortlessly in your online store and inventory, this extension allows you to do so in a simple and secure manner. With the export file obtained from the WooCommerce platform, you can easily create your inventory in Banana Accounting or update existing products directly in Banana Accounting to align them with those present on your online store.

    Both functions eliminate the need for lengthy and complex manual procedures and reduce the risk of transcription errors, ensuring data accuracy and efficiency.

    This solution is suitable for those who want to manage the inventory in a simple way, exporting or importing to WooCommerce whenever they desire. It is not suitable for those looking for a cloud solution that automatically synchronizes warehouse management with WooCommerce.

    Banana Accounting key features

    Easy: the Banana Accounting software is easy to use and every file can be shared through email, which is helpful for a easy support too.

    Privacy: it's important to note that the data entered into Banana Accounting is not used for commercial purposes. Your information remains confidential, offline and is not repurposed in any way.

    Beta version

    This extension is published in BETA version. We recommend creating a backup copy of the inventory file. Having regular file backups is always useful in any context. This WooCommerce extension require a subscription to Banana Accounting Plus Advanced version.

    Primary Key Used

    The Id column from Banana's Items table will be exported and used as the primary key for import and it must contain the product's SKU reference of WooCommerce online shop.

    Those who already have a warehouse in Banana Accounting can replace the codes in the Id column using the Rename function from Banana's Data menu. This function will automatically replace the Id value even in the Transactions table.

    Create/Update products from WooCommerce

    The Create/Update products from WooCommerce function will create the products exported from WooCommerce (CSV file format) in the Items table of the inventory in Banana Accounting if they do not exist. If products with the same Id value already exist, it will update the values in the Description, Quantity begin and Unit Price columns in the Items table with the information present in the exported file from WooCommerce.

    Export products for WooCommerce

    The Export products for WooCommerce function will export data from the Id, Description, Quantity balance and Unit Price columns in the Items table into a CSV file format, ready to be imported into WooCommerce.

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