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BananaApps Info

BananaApps Info

How to install an App

First of all make sure to have downloaded the last version of the Banana Accounting program.

  • Install Productive or Export Apps
    • In order to install a Banana App follow Apps Menu instructions.
    • Once the applications have been installed, they will be visible in the Apps menu and they can be executed.
    • Some Apps are specific for a file type (accounting management, addresses, ...) and you the corresponding specific properties should have been set in the File properties. If the file is not of the right type, or if it doesn't have the required property, the App won't be visible in the Apps menu but only in the dialog window Manage Apps..
  • Install Import Apps

Types of BananaApps

There are several kinds of BananaApps ,depending on the features they perform

  • Productive Apps
    Apps that perform calculations (for example Interest calculation) and extract data for specific printouts.
  • Import Apps
    Apps used to transform data from a specific format (for example bank statement) in the Banana Accounting format.
  • Export Apps
    Apps that can transform the Banana Accounting data in a specific format (for example audit file format).
    At the end of the App, the user must indicate the name of the file where the exported data are saved.
  • Report Apps
    Apps that can create invoices and references (Experimental version).


  • International Apps
    Apps that have a general use (for example interests calculation)
  • Other countries
    Apps specific for countries not included in the countries list.
  • Country
    Apps specific for the indicated country (for example the Austria VAT printout).


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