Swiss VAT management


Banana Accounting is set up to manage the VAT according to the regulations of the Federal Tax Administration:

  • Type of accounting
    • On the issued invoices
    • On cash received
  • Method
    • Effective method report (with deductions of the paid VAT)
    • Flat tax rate method.

Use of VAT 2018 functionalities for Switzerland

Printouts of forms relating to VAT of 4th quarter 2017 and following quarters of 2018, are only available in Banana Accounting version 9.

In order to set up the facsimile of the Swiss VAT form automatically you will have to:

Refer to the Transfer to the 2018 VAT rates page for further information.

VAT reports and forms specific to Switzerland

VAT 2018 reports that are made available and generated automatically are the following:



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