Price List

For household management, independents, small companies and associations
Switzerland CHF
(taxes included)
Perpetual license
(taxes not included)
Perpetual license
Single license of Banana Accounting 9 for Windows, Mac and Linx 129.00 105

Normal Upgrade to Banana Accounting 9 
For registered users, owners of a license key or users in possession of a proof of purchase of any previous version of Banana Accounting.

89.00 70.75


If your company needs more than one licence, we can provide a single licence key. Please contact us by email.

10% discount for purchases of 20 licences or more



Paid support
Switzerland CHF
(taxes included)
(taxes not included)

Technical/accounting support service
1 unit (30 minutes)

70.00 64
License key recovery from registration key 20.00 18
License key recovery from purchase receipt 30.00 27
File recovery 70.00 64
Password unlock 70.00 64

Advanced support - Minimum 2 units (60 minutes)

  • BananaApps development
  • Segments and Cost Centers setup help
  • Char of accounts setup
  • Multicurrency advanced features
  • Financial planning and budget
  • External report
  • Add-in from Excel
  • Customized data import and export



No accounting or tax consultancy

Our company does not provide accounting and/or tax advice. Contact your tax consultant, accountant or fiduciary.


Terms and conditions license

License transfer in an association

If the license is in the name of the association's accountant
When the association's accountant changes, the license can be transferred to the new accountant, but SA has to be notified in advance. SA will delete the old accountant's data and will put the license in the name of the new accountant. The old accountant will no longer be able to work with Banana Accounting.

If the license is in the name of the association
When the association's accountant changes and the accounting work is done on a computer owned by the association, it is not necessary to communicate the new accountant's name to SA.

Attention: these license transfers are possibile only for Banana Accounting version 9.
For older versiones license transfers are only possible if within the same operating system
: a Windows license cannot be used on a Mac or Linux operating system viceversa. In order to switch from one operating system to another, it is necessary to purchase a license to Banana Accounting 9 (multiplatform for Windows, Mac, Linux) at the updgrade price.

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