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Instant Accounting Sheets

Banana Accounting is the first software in the world to offer instant spreadsheets. Instant spreadsheets are immediate and flexible like Excel, but completely pre-programmed with modern and advanced development tools.

  • Preset for accounting and similar functions
  • Ready to use, without having to set columns and formulas
  • Reliable, powerful and precise. They were developed by accounting specialists and developers with high-performing professional developing tools.
  • They maintain the easy of use and immediacy of Excel.

General characteristics

Instant spreadsheets are an exclusivity of who conceived them, developed them and perfected them over the years, in close contact with the users. Hereunder follows an explanation of the benefits of this innovative technology, compared to Excel, accounting softwares or other systems.

The ideal tool for accounting

Thanks to high-level programming, the electronic spreadsheets are way more powerful and enable the users to keep their accounting in a professional way. You have the certainty of the calculations, the data is verified and data is certified with the blockchain. You can conveniently manage accounting of all kinds, there are in fact pre-programmed spreadsheets to manage a cash book, income & expense accounting, double-entry accounting and multi-currency. 

Instant setup

The instant electronic spreadsheets of Banana are already preset, not requiring any programming. Choose the type and model that reflects your needs and you are instantly operative. You can immediately insert your data.

Wide choice of preset spreadsheets

With Banana you can choose from several spreadsheets, each programmed according to your specific needs. There is one to manage cash bookkeeping, income and expense accounting, double-entry and multi-currency accounting. Then there are others to keep track of hours, depreciable assets, addresses and library management.

Ease and speed of use

Banana takes the intuitive use of tables and features of Excel. You can move freely, edit, select, copy, paste and immediately see the results. You can add and delete lines, cancel operations, search and replace values, color lines and change formatting.

Reliable Calculations

Banana spreadsheets have been developed and tested by experienced programmers and accountants, using tools that offer much more possibilities than Excel formulas and macros. Calculations are programmed in Banana and are not included in the spreadsheet. You may not inadvertently delete them and they are always up to date.

Accounting precision (accuracy)

The sums and prints will always be perfect. All amounts entered and those calculated for VAT or exchange rates are rounded correctly and there is no danger of having different amounts. You can also keep accounts with Bitcoin or other currencies that require a large number of decimals.

Verification of entered data

Banana instantly checks that the data is correct. If the account does not exist, the date is incorrect or is not in the accounting period or there are differences, you receive a report.

With Banana you can also request a complete re-check of all data entered. You can work with the freedom that is typical of spreadsheets, but at the same time be sure that your data is correct and complete.

Preset Reports

As in Excel, everything you see on screen can also be printed or exported in pdf. The user can change the column layout as he wishes and save the print settings.

Banana provides a whole series of standard reports for accounting, just give the command and you have immediately balance sheet, profit and loss account, journal account cards and even VAT reports. Most reports can be adapted and include your own logo.

Fast Data Entry

The suggestion and auto-fill feature is specifically adapted to the needs. You can choose accounts from the list and also search for them by description. You can also resume repetitive operations. The program also suggests the next number of the document.

Adding more information

You can add, move, enlarge and change the formatting of columns. In addition to Excel, which has only one view of the same table, Banana creates and stores Views, each with a different view of the columns. 

As in Excel, you can add tables in Banana.

All of your accounting data in one single file

You can keep as many accountings as you like of any kind. The accounting data is saved in a file with the name that indicates you and that is fully transportable. You can keep the file locally, on a network drive or on your USB stick or on Dropbox or another cloud system and even send the files by email.

For all major operating systems

Banana Accounting is easily installed and available in native version for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and IOS. Even with a lot of data, you have an unparalleled speed and immediacy of use and you can work even if you don't have any internet connection. 

Help documentation

Each spreadsheet of Banana has its own documentation, which explains the features and helps with its use. Reports also have an explanation that helps you understand the problem and give information on how to solve it. 

Archiving of data in pdf

At the end of the year, the accounting data, including balance sheet, income statement and account cards, can be exported in a pdf file. This way you can access all accounting information, even without having Banana software installed. This archive is ideal for long-term archiving and for giving your auditor access to data.


Banana includes an interpreter that allows you to run programs written in Javascript, thus extending the program's features. You can create BananaApps to import or export data. Banana has also implemented its own CSS engine that allows you to easily create any kind of report and have fully customized invoices and recalls.

Excel Add-in

Banana has developed an Excel add-in that allows you to add-in the data from Banana to your Excel sheet with a simple click, keeping your formulas and formatting unchanged.

No more importing, copying and pasting data. Your Excel sheets remain up to date, as if the data were inserted directly into Excel.

Import Data

Banana allows you to import data from electronic account statements or other formats directly into the table of registrations. The data can then be modified and supplemented with the additional information required. Keeping an account is very fast.

Universal tool

Banana is a software that, like Excel, adapts to local date and number formats. Thanks to the possibility of setting the chart of accounts as you wish, it can be used worldwide.

Unlimited free trial

You can install the program and immediately start keeping your own accounts. You can customize as many times as you like, use all functions and enter up to 70 lines of registrations. With the license code, you can go beyond this limit and all your data and settings will be retained.

Specific characteristics of the accounting spreadsheets

Banana's accounting spreadsheets are certainly the most advanced and state-of-the-art. While maintaining the way Excel is used, they also offer very advanced accounting capabilities, making it a viable alternative to accounting programs.

Accounting files

The spreadsheets consist of a table where you set the chart of accounts and one where you enter the registrations. There are sheets that use the income and expense approach (cash book and income and expense accounting) and others that of giving and taking (double-entry accounting and multi-currency). If you opt for a VAT accounting there is also the VAT code table. The multi-currency accounting also has the Exchange table.

Adaptable Chart of Accounts

Accounting is based on universal concepts. The accounts differ by the plan of accounts, which is different for each firm and which is usually set up with a national numbering and systematic. A small company has few accounts and a large one has many. In Banana, the user indicates the numbering, description and classification of accounts in the accounts table. Accounts and groupings can be added or removed to adapt the accounting file to national specifications. In the chart of accounts, you can also set up cost centers and segments.

Banana provides accounting models, with account settings for different jobs, countries and languages. As a rule, a user only needs to indicate the description of the bank accounts and can start entering the registrations. It can, of course, also change the chart of accounts as you wish or create new ones.

Classification of movements

When a registration is entered, the accounts and categories of expenditure are indicated. It is also possible to indicate cost and profit centers or segments, for movements with other criteria.

Instead of entering the amount, you can also specify a quantity and a unit price. You can add columns to complete the information with your own information. For each account, category, cost center and segment, you can request the detail with all movements.

VAT management

Many companies are subject to VAT. Banana allows VAT rates and the method of calculating VAT to be parameterised down to the last detail. The system is very comprehensive and allows both VAT and similar taxes such as the Sales Tax to be calculated and reported. The registrations will show the VAT code and shall automatically show the VAT part, the calculations, rounding off and breakdown of the VAT part into accounts. There are also standard reports and with BananaApps you can create country specific reports.

Invoice as an accounting registration

With Banana, the invoice is nothing more than an accounting entry. It's really simple, just enter the lines of the invoice registrations, indicate the VAT code and you can immediately print the invoice.

You can choose the print template you prefer. Of course, you can also find out which invoices are still to be collected and print out the reminders.


As you enter the registrations, you will see the account and the estimated development. You can immediately get an idea of how business is going and you will easily notice if there are incorrect registrations.

Financial planning

The budget and business planning function is integrated directly into the accounting system. You can know in advance how much money you need and whether sales or customer mandates can cover your costs. You have instant comparisons with reality and can update your schedule easily. Planning is perhaps the area where the advantage of pre-programmed sheets is particularly evident. You have the ease of use of Excel, but instantly very sophisticated features, which no one could program with Excel.

Accounting Printouts

You have all the necessary prints for accounting, balance sheet, profit and loss account, newspaper, account sheets, VAT summaries and everything that the accounting programs normally offer, without having to program anything.

National and sectoral extensions

For VAT or other reporting you can install with one click the specific BananaApps, which print or export the data in the format required by the local tax authorities.

Blockchain for data certification was a pioneer in the blockchain, because it patented and introduced this technology as early as 2002. The user has a command with which he can block and arm movements and a blockchain. You can see if the data has been changed and thus ensure integrity. The user can work with all freedom, but at the same time, when necessary, can protect and certify the data in accordance with the law. The system, developed specifically for accounting systems, is much more secure than passwords. The same technology was subsequently used by Bitcoin and other virtual currencies.

Use in accounting

Banana's pre-programmed sheets are particularly suitable for self-employed people, small businesses, associations and individuals. Entering data is easy, so you have constant control of your financial situation and at the same time you have balance sheet and income statement for the various fulfillments. In fact, Banana is often used as a management control system. There are many companies in many countries, which refer to accountants for accounting practices, that use Banana as an internal management system, in addition to their tax management system.

Great Time-Saver

Setting up and fine-tuning Excel sheets takes a long time. If the needs are very specific, of course there is no alternative, but if you have to keep an account, make financial plans, take note of working hours, using pre-programmed spreadsheets saves you a lot of time and you have much better results.

Management Control

Many companies find it very useful to outsource accounting for tax purposes and use Banana for management control. You can structure your chart of accounts to plan your business, understand business developments, know if there is sufficient liquidity, monitor payments and manage projects and clients in the best possible way. Information is obtained when it is needed by the business and not late when the tax return is to be submitted. The entrepreneur himself can take care of the management control, because he does not have to have precise tax knowledge.

Learning Accounting

Banana is ideal for learning accounting. The data is structured in such a way that the accounting operation is easily visible. You can change the data, undo the operations, so that there is no fear of making mistakes. The Excel-like interface allows anyone to use it without specific training. It is used by many schools to explain how accounting software works and to give users the opportunity to practice.

Other available spreadsheets

Book and loan management

It is a worksheet with a table for entering books, contacts and loans. In addition to the book list, you have a check on the books you have borrowed and those you have not yet returned. If you enter the ISBN of the book, the program will take back the data of the book from google books, making the registration much faster. 

Address book management

It is a simple address management, with the possibility to print lists and labels.

History, future and technical information

The History of Spreadsheets

VisiCalc (Visual and Calculator) was the first spreadsheet, which became a "killer application" that opened the door to Personal Computers in the work world. Lotus 1-2-3 expanded its capabilities with data management, graphics, and the ability to write macros. Microsoft Excel introduced the graphical interface, which made the tool accessible to all. Excel has continued to improve the product, equipping it with a programming language (Visual Basic), adding a whole series of features (statistics and databases) and data analysis (Pivot tables) and presentation and formatting of data. 

The future: instant spreadsheets

Banana's instant spreadsheets extend the use of spreadsheets to more structured areas such as accounting, where the use of formulas and macros integrated in the sheets is not enough and is the cause of many errors and wasted time. With instant sheets people can dedicate themselves to their task, to keep accounts, make budgets, evaluate information, print reports.

Spreadsheets will remain effective for customised sheets, but for areas where the needs are the same, it makes much more sense for the setting up and programming to be done by IT professionals and specialists. This will make spreadsheets an immediate, simple and secure solution for many more areas. 

Banana sheets, a highly appreciated system

Banana Accounting software has already sold more than 300,000 licenses in over 120 countries. Banana has become the software for keeping the accounts preferred by small businesses and small associations in Switzerland. Most of them no longer keep their accounts by hand or with Excel, but have an efficient management system that saves them time and money.

The advantages of instant sheets is also appreciated abroad. More and more people from other countries are coming to the website. Banana Accounting has been purchased by users in over 120 countries.

Our company wants to make this modern and convenient concept of instant spreadsheets even more known and appreciated. 

Technical information

Excel is used for the development of Banana, trying to remain faithful to the commands and the way of use. Banana is written in the C++ language, the same language used by Excel. For the graphical interface, QT libraries are used, allowing native versions for Windows, Mac, Linux, IOS and Android to be offered. Banana includes its own web server and API, which is also used by the Excel add-in.

For the development of BananaApps, Javascript language is used in combination with the Banana API. BananaApps are very secure and offer considerable flexibility. You can integrate the UI components provided by the QT libraries and create packages that contain different components.
Banana's file format is proprietary, data is saved sequentially and archives are fully interchangeable.

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