Standard Audit File for Taxation (SAF-T)

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The Standard Audit File - for Taxation (SAF-T) is a file format that allows the easy export of a predefined set of accounting records in a commonly-readable format.  The file also makes it easier for taxpayers to provide their electronic records to tax auditors in support of their tax return and for auditors to review accounting records. This SAF-T is a recommendation of the OECD’s Committee on Fiscal Affairs (CFA)
The SAF-T file is an XML file that has been conceived to provide a standard set of functionalities and at the same time to be extended and adapted to specific countries needs.

SAF-T also provides businesses with a tool to meet the requirements of other Government or Non-Government bodies (e.g. statistics agencies, banks, industrial organizations) and it is easier to switch from one accounting package to another.

Importing Standard Audit File (SAF-T) in Banana Accounting

Banana Accounting is developing the ability to import Standard Audit Files. Each tax authority implement a SAF-T file that it is specific to the country. Banana Accounting is therefore implementing extensions that are specific to each country.
In order to do that we cooperate with our users.

Import and Recreate a complete accounting file

The objective of the project is to be able to import the data from the SAF-T and create a new Banana Accounting file that  include:

  • Import
    • General company information
    • General ledger accounts.
    • Customers and suppliers accounts.
    • Structure of the Profit & Loss and Balance sheet.
    • Transactions
    • VAT codes table
    • Exchange rates table (in a Multi-currency accounting)
  • Rebuild
    • Balance sheet and Profit & Loss
    • Accounting cards.
    • Customers and Suppliers.
    • Invoice's list.

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