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Banana Accounting 9 will bring you new and important improvements that will help you to manage your accounting work more easily as well as more professionally.


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Take a look at the main important new features:

A single license key for all operating systems

Unlike previous versions, the Banana Accounting 9 license key is unique to all operating systems. No more worries if you change your computer.

New VAT rates and forms for Switzerland

The VAT Codes tab of the program has been updated with new prevailing rates. Rates valid till 31.12.2017 as well as those as from 01.01.2018 are included. Data will have to be copied into the official form.

Invoice management - Issuing invoices and tracking payment deadlines

This innovative feature allows you to create invoices while simultaneously generating the relative entries.
You enter the items to be billed as if they were transactions and the program will then automatically generate the invoice.
Various invoice templates are available and you can customize them with your logo.
In addition to creating and printing invoices, via the Customers and Suppliers sub-menus, you can check the open, expired, paid and cashed invoices and send reminders.

Printouts with logo

Prints of the Balance Sheet, the Profit and Loss account and of issued invoices can be personalized with your own logo.

Integrated Graphs

You can now generate graphs directly in Banana accounting. By selecting an account or group, it is possible to display a chart in the Charts window at the bottom. The graph will allow you to instantly visualize the evolution of your situation, and even allow a comparison between your forecast and your actual figures.

New graphic interface

The new Banana Accounting 9 interface allows you to select, in a very targeted way, the accounting template that best suits your needs.
You can choose from more than 500 templates, divided by country, language, category and file type.

FREE Timesheet

Banana.ch SA provides a new application for calculating working hours free of charge. Simply download Banana Accounting 9, install it and choose in the Timesheet Productivity app. It allows to have a calendar for the count of working hours. This application is useful for both the employee, who has an easy-to-use tool to keep her/his working hours up to date, as well as for the employer, who has instant access to useful information for the calculation of salaries (such as overtime to be billed).

The function also allows for monthly reports, with indication of ordinary hours worked, carry over of extra time of the previous month, holidays taken and to be taken.

Fixed asset Register

Among the Productivity apps you can find the Fixed assets Register. Different types of amortization are available.
The journal lists all the depreciable assets, with their initial value, new investments, the divestments and the residual value.

Depreciation records are calculated and transacted automatically at the end of the year.

Banana Apps

BananaApps are extentions (Add-in/Add-on) that expand the functionalities of Banana Accounting.
BananaApps are written in the Javascript programming language.
You can  easily Install and use one of the free available BananaApps or Develop a new one for your specific needs.

  • Installation via the list available online.
  • Automatic update of new versions available online.
  • Packages containing different features, with their own proper menus.
  • Expansion of the API, with the possibility of expanding the functionality.

Connection to Excel via Add-in for optimal synergy with Microsoft Excel

You can choose from which file you wish to extract date, without any complicated settings,.
The ExcelSync features allow you to recover Banana data in Excel and create sheets and graphs that update automatically.
If and when new transactions are added, the Excel spreadsheets are immediately updated and calculated. This feature is not available for Apple / Mac.

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Buy Banana Accounting 9 with a discount (if you own a previous version)

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