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Free ISO20022 reader (electronic bank statement)


Beginning October 2013, the free version of Banana Accounting (Starter Edition) for Windows, Mac and Linux, allows the user to view and print the contents of bank statement files in ISO 20022 format.

From January 1, 2014, all banks on the European continent will be required to provide electronic account statements with the international ISO 20022 standard. Those who want to view the contents of the ISO 20022 statements can simply download, install and start Banana Accounting and open (or drag and drop) the ISO 20022 file inside Banana.
Banana Accounting reads the data of the bank statement and displays them in tabular form, with the Date, Description of the transaction, Amount income, Amount expenses and Balance. The data can be printed or transferred in Excel or in other programs with the copy/paste function.

Banana Accounting is a multilingual program, available in native versions for Windows, Mac and Linux.
The program is free, and freely downloadable from the site
With the paid version of Banana Accounting, you can save files that contain more than 70 transactions. is a software company based in Lugano in Switzerland, founded in 1990 and market leader in the field of accounting for small businesses, associations and individuals. Banana Accounting is a spreadsheet program for Cash management and Double-entry accounting.
Banana Accounting calculates the Balance Sheet, the Profit & Loss statement and other accounting reports, based on the transactions that have been entered or incorporated in the tables. Just as in Excel, data can be easily added or edited in Banana Accounting . It is available in different languages and with native versions for Windows, Mac and Linux. The free version of Banana Accounting (Starter Edition) offers all the features of the full program, except for saving files that contain more than 70 transaction rows. Over 150'000  Banana Accounting licenses have already been sold worldwide.