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The Banana Accounting Mac version is a native application for Mac, presenting and using all the typical functions of Mac programs.
The use of the program is very similar to Microsoft Excel.
Files created with Banana 8 for Mac are completely interchangable with the Banana for Windows, Linux and Android versions.



For the installation, Mac OSX 10.9 or more recent or OS 10.12 "Sierra" or more recent are required (see System requirements).

The installation process is thus very simple and no need of using emulator software.
100% of compatibility in exchanging files with Banana Accounting for Windows, Linux and Android with previous versions.

In order to proceed with the installation, follow these steps:

If you don't enter the license key the program will work in the Starter Edition mode, that will allow you to use all features up to 70 transactions. The data entered with the Banana Accounting Starter Edition can be saved and retrieved.

So you can have a high level user experience

It's our desire that Banana Accounting offers a high level user experience to our Mac clients and that Banana remains compatible with the newest versions of the Operational System and the latest improvements introduced by Apple. 
During the last years, Banana has also invested in order to create an IOS version (Ipad and Iphone), so that people can access their accounting data even from their mobil devices.
Banana Accounting has very affordable prices. Maintaining a high level and further developing Banana Accounting for a Mac environment is very challenging. This is the reason why the price of the Mac version is slightly higher than the one of the Windows version.
We are sorry about this price difference, but we believe that our users sustain our pricing policy through which we can offer a very useful product of the highest level.


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