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International shop

The prices are intended without local taxes. 

*) USD price will vary based on the daily exchange rate.
1) Perpetual license is foreverer, no annual license fee

The online shop for purchases from other nations is managed by our partner Share-it (more information).
Different payment options are available (credit card, bank transfer, Paypal) and different currencies.
Attention: if you buy with credit card, on your statement you will see a charge from the company Digital River GmbH.

Buy from Switzerland or Liechtenstein

Updates and other

  • Go to the Updates page.
    Updates are only available from SA; they are not available from any of our distributors.
  • Before purchasing Banana Accounting 9, please check our system requirements.
  • The program needs to be downloaded from our Download page. No CD will be sent.

Special conditions for schools

All schools or training institutes that offer accounting courses/financial management/economy on a regular basis can request a free licence for schools.
More information on conditions and procedures for the request are available on the Free license for schools page.


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