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Schreiber Treuhand GmbH Zürich


Who we are
Schreiber Treuhand, located in Zürich, specializes in rendering services to Small & Mid Caps as well as to private customers. In addition to the classical services of a fiducary, we also provide support for Banana users.

How does it work
Either you pass by at our office in Zürich for one-to-one support. Or alternatively, we can support you online via Team Viewer. Team Viewer allows us to remotely access your PC (read-only) in order to see your screen. So you do not have to travel to Zürich to get personal, state-of-the-art support.

How much do we charge
We charge CHF 100.00 (exkl. VAT) per hour; pro rata, in 10 minutes units. If we can’t solve your problem, of course you will not be charged.


Schreiber Treuhand GmbH
Dufourstrasse 179
8008 Zürich

N: +41-79-485 00 13
web :


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