Free Cash Manager

Cash Manager helps you keep track of all your cash or bank account transactions, including cash flow, receipts, payments, income, expenses. Intuitive. Quick. Easy to use.

Cash Manager is a free application included in the Banana Accounting software: start now!

Streamline your financial transactions

  • Instant setup: be up and running in 3 easy steps
  • Constant overview and control of your income and expenses
  • Easily enter your transactions
  • Get professional reports in a click

Start right away

Cash Manager comes with many ready-to-use templates: choose one, personalized to your needs and your are ready to start!
Head to the Accounts table to see live the initial and current balance of your cash, whereas in the Categories table, you can see your income and expenses in real time.

Quick recording

No advanced accounting skills needed! The interface is as simple as can be: insert, edit, copy and paste information as you wish. All data is neatly displayed on your screen. Cash Manager helps you record transactions easily. It even suggests accounts, categories; it reports errors and differences that you can correct at any time.

Record receipts in real time

No more wasting time or worrying about losing your receipts! With Banana mobile accounting Android and Banana Accounting iOS apps, you’re ready to register receipts on the go, from your phone or laptop so you can make the most of your business traveling instead.

Organize your finances

Profit from all the Cash Manager advanced features:

  • import your bank statements
  • link transactions to digital files (invoices, receipts, vouchers, ...)
  • define recurring transactions to be able to reload them automatically
  • add a visual meaning to your data by highlighting rows with colors

...and much more!

Professional results with one click

With Banana Accounting, anything from instant checks to accounting journal and your overall financial situation is a click away. Get professional reports, customized with your  logo. And to save more time, store your reports settings for future use. View, edit and print them if needed. Pack all data in a PDF file, or export as Excel, Html, Txt. Smooth. Flexible. PRO.

Optimize your finances with a Budget

Cash Manager also offers you the possibility of creating a Budget to foresee your future income and expenses.

You will be able to figure out where to save money and achieve goals such as getting married, buying a house, starting a business or planning your retirement.