Why upgrade to Banana Accounting 9?

Mon, 03/11/2019 - 11:32

10 good reasons to upgrade now from Banana Accounting 6 to Banana Accounting 9

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Beginning of the year Perfect time to start with a new product. With Banana Accounting 9 the transition is easy, you can resume data from previous versions automatically. If you need help we are at your disposal.


Modern version Banana Contabilità 6 was released in 2010 and has not been tested on recent operating systems. It does not work on Windows 10, but also on other operating systems Banana Accounting 6 may not work properly or crash unexpectedly. It is wise to update.


Discounted upgrade Upgrade now to Banana Accounting 9 for just Fr. 89.- instead of 129.- (similar discount in the international shop). The license key works on all operating systems: Mac, Windows and Linux. With the update your 12 months of free support will start over!


Easier work New tools to speed up and make your work easier, such as the ability to color rows to highlight movements, new automated checks that immediately report any errors.


Help always at hand  Each alert has a direct link to our documentation page that explains the problem and suggests immediate solutions. It's has never been easier!


E-banking Updated and integrated import filters make your e-banking and credit card data import process much easier and automated.


Improved VAT management The Swiss VAT form with the new 2018 rates is integrated in the program. Very practical and very fast both for the effective VAT and the flat VAT rate methods.


Custom invoices and printouts Create invoices and customize them with your logo. Check earnings from your customers and payments to yours suppliers with automatic reports. From the print preview you get the pdf directly.


Planning and budgeting Plan with incredible levels of detail: simply create budget transactions in the appropriate table and the program automatically calculates the whole forecast. Innovative and brilliant for a future without surprises.


Useful applications included

In addition to various accounting types Banana Accounting 9 includes several useful applications: Time sheet (work / holidays management), library (books / loans / collections management), Depreciable Assets Register, Addresses (contacts and addresses management), ...

But the benefits do not end here... use Banana Accounting 9 and discover all the features!…..

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