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The only accounting software you need!

Enjoy a professional suite of bookkeeping apps and features in one software. Intuitive. Time-saving. Quick. Customizable. It’s the perfect solution for small businesses and non-profit organizations. Get up and running within seconds, then let it automate your accounting as you focus on things that are more important.

Cash book

Manage a single account or a single project.

Income / Expense Accounting

Manage multiple accounts. Easy, intuitive accounting for everyone.

Double-Entry Accounting

Professional accounting aligned to international standards.

Multi-currency Accounting

Double-entry bookkeeping with foreign currencies management

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Up-to-date VAT management

You find it hard to keep up with VAT requirements? We have multiple VAT templates for many countries. You just pick one and you’ll find the latest VAT codes table for your region. All calculations and VAT reports will then run automatically. Need particular codes? It’s super easy to add them, too. Looking for professional fiscal prints required by law? Solved with one click!


Find out more about VAT management.

Billing made easy

Wave your billing struggles and late payments good-bye with no additional modules. Once you’ve installed Banana Accounting, you’ll get to create professional invoices in no time. Record the items you want to invoice in the Registrations table. Click! The program automatically creates the invoice for you. So many templates, styles, and layouts to choose from! Next, get an updated list of unpaid invoices or clients payment history, all linked to their contact details, making it easier to send them reminders right away.


Find out more about billing automation.

Quick e-banking data import

Fast and accurate data import makes boosts productivity. Manual data entry is error prone and time-consuming. It’s time to speed it up. Switch to smooth transaction imports. Straight from your bank account or credit card into your accounting. We constantly improve the import filters for major banks. If your bank is not on our list, let us know and we’ll get it done. Find out more about automatic data importing.

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