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The Linux version of Banana Accounting 8  is a native software for Linux, developped thanks to the Qt libraries. The graphic interface is typical of the Linux environment and it uses all its functionalities:
The way of use the software is similar to Microsft Excel.

Files created with Banana 8 for Linux are completely interchangeable with Banana 8 for Mac, Windows and Android.



For Linux Ubuntu 14.04 or more recent versions or compatible distributions. Also see the System requirements page.
The use of the software and of the documentation is governed by the User's license and Terms and Conditions

Without entering the license key the program will work in a Starter Edition mode, which will allow you to use all features up to 70 transactions.

Download Banana 7 per MacBanana Accounting 8.0.7 for LINUX 64 bit (Installer) (80 MB)

  • After downloading the file, assign to it the "executable" property with your right mouse key, and launch the installer.
  • The installer will suggest to install into a system directory, but you can change it to one of your choice.
  • The installer will ask you for the administrator's password, even if you are going to install it into a user directory (and you don't install anything into the system directories).
  • You cannot select the components to be installed. The two presented components are installed.
  • To execute Banana 8 correctly, you have to run the script [installDir]/banana8/bin/

Download Banana 7 per MacBanana Accounting 8.0.7 for LINUX 64 bit (file tar.gz) (80 MB)

  • Download the tar.gz file, extract the folder banana8 and save it in your preferred folder [installDir], i.e.  /Home/user
  • To execute Banana 8 correctly, you have to run the script [installDir]/banana8/bin/

Launch Banana 8 with double-click:

  • Method 1: In Nautilus, you have to allow to run executable text files.
    • Open Nautilus
    • Click on menu Edit -> Preferences
    • Under Behavior, select "Run executable text files when they are opened".
  • Method 2: Open a Terminal window and run the following command
    gsettings set org.gnome.nautilus.preferences executable-text-activation launch

Add Banana 8 to Launcher

  • Create a text file and name it banana8.desktop, copy-paste the following, substituting [installDir] with the path where you installed Banana.
    [Desktop Entry]
    Name=Banana 8
  • Grant execution rights to the file (chmod +x banana8.desktop, or right click -> Properties -> Permissions)
  • Banana 8 can be executed with a double click on this file, then you can lock it to the Launcher.

Banana for Linux

Banana Accounting largely uses open source libraries. Thanks to this, Banana can offer a high-quality multifunctional product at an affordable price. contributes to the constant improvement of the libraries, and is committed to help increase the use of Linux, by making the program available for purchase for Linux.

Operating systems such as Windows, Mac, IOS, Android favor paid programs. The success of these systems is closely related to the wide range of products.

For Linux we receive discordant feedbacks related to our offer:

  • Users who bought Banana for Linux, mainly small businesses, associations and schools, tell us that they are very glad they can handle their accounting files with their Linux computer and that they are happy to not have to resort to other operating systems for this.
  • Other people do not consider our offer favorably, because they are, by principle, opposed to paid software for Linux.
    Even by the media that operate in Linux environments, the commercial offer is generally not considered.

It is easier and more profitable to offer a commercial product for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS operating systems. As long as the Linux desktop world will not open to commercial products, it is unlikely for the Linux system to be as attractive as other operating systems.

Our company, despite the criticism, wants to pursue its commercial offer for Linux. We hope that our effort will be recognized and will find support from Linux users and the media.



  • The function "Send file via email ..." doesn't work when using Thunderbird as default e-mail program. In these cases, open the folder that contains the accounting file and attach the file manually.

Please report to us any problem you encounter with your distribution, so that we can publish it on our webpage.


Other information

  • The indicated disk space requirement depends on the amount of transactions and accounts used in the accounting file. 3 MB is an average space for an accounting file with 200 accounts and 2000 transactions.
  • There is no limitation to the number of files.
  • The software is a single user program, just like Excel. Only one person at a time can edit a file.


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