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Experimental Version

Banana Experimental is a version that is being released at more frequent intervals, with functions that are still under development. Like this, the users can discover what's new, test the modifications and actively participate in the process of improving the features and fine-tuning, making their experience known and giving suggestions.

Download Banana Experimental

Version Date Size Download  Windows 08-Nov-2017

65 MB
56 MB

Banana Experimental for Windows (64bit)
Banana Experimental for Windows (32bit)  Mac 08-Nov-2017 72 MB Banana Experimental for Mac  Linux 08-Nov-2017

111 MB
109 MB

Banana Experimental for Linux, installer
Banana Experimental per Linux, tgz file

System requirements and installation

  • Windows version: Windows 10, 8.1, 8 or more recent, 64 and 32 bits, (Windows Phone and RT are not supported)
  • Mac version: OSX 10.12 "Sierra", 10.11, 10.10 or more recent, 64 bits, (iOS, iPad and 32 bits are not supported)
  • 360 MB of disk space
  • Internet connection to access the program Help
  • Can be used at no cost in Starter Edition mode or can be activated with a Banana 8 license key
  • The installation and use of Banana Experimental doesn't interfere with or exclude the use of Banana 8 and vice versa;
    these are two distinct applications
  • We advise you to create copies of your original files

Experimental version expiration date

Banana Experimental has an expiration date, just because we want our users always to work with the latest version. Before the expiration date of the current Experimental version, a new one will be released, with a new expiration date. It is also possible that some features of Banana Experimental will be included in the commercial version or a new product.

Added features

The added features are to be considered experimental. reserves the right to modify, add or remove features without previous notice.
It is also likely that a number of features found in the Experimental version will be made available against the payment of a surcharge.

We decline all responsibility for the use of these new additional features.


For support requests or in order to send us your feedback, please use the contact form.
For other information, take a look at our Support page.

Modifications history

Banana Experimental 8.0.7 - 171016
Released November 8, 2017, expires on March 31, 2018

  • Corrected importation of ISO20022 camt.053 and camt.054 from Raiffeisen Bank
  • Use of Qt 5.9.2
  • Several other minor modifications and corrections

Banana Experimental 8.0.7 - 170626
Released June 26, 2017, expires on November 30, 2017

  • The row height is resumed at the opening of the file..
  • Smart-fill:
    • Correct display implemented for Chinese language as well
    • Display up to 7 rows, even with large characters
  • In the External Accounting Report, the rows without amounts that are marked with "Keep rows" are maintained.
  • A dedicated button will be displayed in the toolbar, when a new version is made available
  • MacOS
    • some problems, preventing the proper functioning of the "copy and paste" command, have been resolved
    • macOS 10.9 non is not supported anymore
  • Linux
    • startup error, resulting from absence of libpng12 on the system, is corrected
  • Some references towards the help pages have been added
  • Cost Center functions can now be used with the Dutch Standard licence
  • Input for Chinese text has been improved
  • Client and supplier billing has been improved
  • Http server added to ssl connection
  • Scripts
  • Use of Qt 5.9
  • Several other minor modifications and corrections

Banana Experimental 8.0.6 - 170510
Released May 10, 2017, expires on October 31, 2017

  • The "Extract Rows" table is updated correctly when you click the Refresh command
  • In the Simple accounting the correct VAT code is taken when you insert an account
  • The VAT table in the examples for Germany has been corrected
  • The Smart_fill is also correctly displayed for the Chinese language
  • Linux:
    • In Ubuntu the F4 keys (Copy from above), F6 (Execute command) cmd-c (Copy) and cmd-V (Paste) work correctly
    • Line numbers are displayed completely
  • Scripts
  • HTTP Server
    • Corrected JSON object returned by calls Vatbalance and Vatbudget
    • Added /v1/application service
  • Vendor and customer's Invoices improvements
  • Several minor changes and other fixes

Banana Experimental 8.0.5 - 170404
Released April 04, 2017

  • The ' Sort rows on selection ' command is applied only to the selection rows
  • The ' Add/Open/Remove link ' commands are enabled
  • The OCR-B character (print invoices) is printed correctly
  • The ' Edit' and 'Cut' commands clear the unprotected cells of a selection that contains also protected columns
  • Enhanced Balance Sheet with group: the selection of advanced columns is not lost when the dialog is reopened
  • The Smart-fill for the segments has been corrected
  • Saving the license key under Linux has been corrected
  • Create blank new accounting, the accounts table also includes the address columns
  • Manage apps: manages better BananaApps files of the type. Sbaa
  • Invoice and Vendor customers improvements
  • Several minor changes and other fixes

Banana Experimental 8.0.4 - 170127
Released January 27, 2017

  • Open and edit CSV files
  • New JCSV file format for the exchange of data
  • Files ISO 20022 camt.054 details rows are also imported
  • Paste in Excel work correctly even if you have a space as a thousand separator
  • TVA: added new code Z0 for 'Gifts, dividends, compensation for damages etc.'
  • New Table Items (Add new functionalities)
  • Library: new command "List items not returned"
  • Dialogue "Import to accounting": new option "sort by date"
  • Create PDF Dossier: all calculated tables apply the selected period 
  • Enhanced balance sheet: the width of the assets and liabilities columns as well as revenues and expenses matches
  • Command Insert copied rows keeps the text format (bold, size, ...)
  • Table accounts: new column 'Previous year budget'
  • New file format .sbaa for Banana Apps
  • Banana Apps are installed by opening or dragging Banana Apps files * .sbaa
  • Fixed asset register application: several enhancements and fixes
  • Print Invoices: several enhancements and fixes
  • Apps API: new class Banana.XML for reading XML files
  • Apps APIs: new methods to access the data lists (examples, archive, ...) Document.table(tableName, listName), Table.listNames and Table.list (listName)
  • Apps API: added function Document.exchangeRate(currency, [date])
  • Report styles: added new transform property to apply a 2D transform (translation, rotation, scale, matrix)
  • Web Server: the query parameter 'period' can now contains a list of periods, to retrieve more than one period in only one http request
  • Web Server: added request /v1/doc/{doc_name}/[*/]bananaapiv1.js to access the http services through a java script objects
  • Web Server: added ability to directly access the previous year through the '_previous' suffix, ex.: /v1/doc/accountingFileName.ac2_previous
  • The .qrc files can be compiled by opening them or dragging them to Banana
  • Improved input Chinese texts
  • Several minor changes and other corrections

Banana Experimental 8.0.4 - 17011
Released January 11, 2017​

  • Various small changes and other corrections

Banana Experimental 8.0.4 - 160901
Released September 1st, 2016

  • Uses version QT 5.7.1
  • Improved input for Chinese texts
  • Improved input for dates yyyy/mm/dd
  • Styles for group headers added in the printouts of the Balance Sheet
  • Assets register, several improvements
  • Updated templates for printing invoices
  • Creation of accouting files with up to 12 decimal numbers
  • Script with access to images in the Documents table
  • Script and web server return various data in json format
  • In the data import, if there is no account or contra-account, the program enters an account indication in square brackets.
  • Various small changes and other corrections

Banana Experimental 8.0.4 - 160627
Released June 27, 2016

  • Small changes in invoice printing templates

Banana Experimental 8.0.4 - 160616
Released June 16, 2016

  • First release
  • Based on framework Qt 5.6.1


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