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这项功能是完全免费的,您只需下载及安装 Banana财务会计软件 9



  • 与Excel相似,您可以复制,粘贴,并纠正。
  • 计划安排的时间,可定制每周的工作时间表。
  • 所有的计算,规定的工作时间,已工作的小时数,假期和病假都以小时和分钟为计算。
  • 使用下面的两种方法,可以快速的输入小时数:
    • 每天开始和结束的总小时数
      • 自动输入当前的时间
      • 偏差+或 - 从当前时间开始计算。
    • 每日工作总时数
  • 计划的与实际工作小时数之前的差异。
  • 即时统计工作时间,假期及缺勤日。
  • 每天,每周,每月及每年的工作时数总计。
  • 按年和月结转。
  • 轻松客制化,适应所有的工作时间计划。
  • 可设定假期及带薪假期。
  • 可添加列,记录花费,旅行的里程数及其他。
  • 它可以用于整年或特定的时间范围。
  • 打印月度报告,即使是十进制小时的总计也是如此。


  • 在工作时间表中包含日记账的表格,您可以在里面输入工作时间及其他设置。
  • 输入工作的起始及结束时间。
  • 假期,病假,缺勤及其它时间可以小时及分钟计算。
  • 报表以小时及分钟的方式呈现。



  1. 点击文件菜单 -> 新建的命令
  2. Select un available template or click on New empty and from the Utilities section select Time Sheet.


  1. Define the basic parameters of the new file (language and decimals) in the following window:

  2. Save the file under a new name (for example your name and the year)

  3. Enter the hours that need to be carried forward and your work schedule in the File properties.
    See Setting up the work schedule.

    • Fill in the Holidays and work hours that need to be carried forward
    • Set up your weekly time schedule.
    • Set up working days and holidays.
  4. Set up your own working hours.
  5. Save the changes.

    Enter daily working hours

    1. Open the file
    2. Go on the current Day (yellow) -> Menu Utilities1 -> Go to today.
    3. Set the begin and end times.
      1. Press "." to enter the computer's time.
      2. If you enter +5 or -5 (or any other number), the program displays the current time with 5 minutes more or less than the computer time.
      3. With the Utilities1 Menu, Fill week command it is possible to carry forward the previous week schedule.
      4. With the key or button "F4" or "Cmd4" (Copy from above), the previous row value is copied.
    4. Enter holidays or absences.
      1. Indicate the hours of holidays or absences of the day in the appropriate columns.
      2. If you go into Edit mode, the program shows the daily scheduled hours
      3. If you enter the hours in decimal format (e.g. 1.75), the software will show the value in hours and minutes (e.g. 1:45).

    Prints and reports

    • With the File menu -> Print command, you can:
      • Print the table.
      • Print a specific part of the table that you have selected
    • With Utilities1 -> Monthly report:
      The monthly report will be printed.

    Conversion from Decimal hours to hours: minutes

    If the number of hours per day is based upon decimal hours (43 hours per week, for 5 days) you will have to work 8.6 hours per day.

    • In the Journal, to know the correct hours and decimals, if you enter the point and decimal points after the hour, the program opens a small window with autocompletion of values, where the time is shown in minutes (example you have to enter 8.6, the program indicates 8:36).
    • Carry forward the proposed value.

    Specific Commands (Utilities1 menu)

    Go to today

    Sets the cursor on the current day.

    Fill day

    Resumes the working time and absence of the current day with the values from the same day of the previous week.

    Fill week

    Resumes the working time and absence of the current week with the values of the respective days of the previous week.

    Monthly report

    Prints the totals and rows of the current month.
    You can select the printing period.

    Create rows for period

    Creates the rows for each day, from the beginning, and the total for the indicated year.

    Import timesheet

    Imports the values from an external timesheet.

    • Indicate the file from which the software will import the data.
    • Specify which values to import.
      • Import only holidays.
        The software imports the values of the Holiday column
        It will import also the Notes related to the imported values.
      • Import everything.
        Caries forward the values of Holiday, Notes, Worked, Absences, Corrections, Due and Split.

    The program looks in the imported file for rows with equal date and section and it imports the values.
    If in the imported file there are several rows for the same date, values subsequent to the first row are not imported.


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