Predefined Templates

Several templates for invoicing, sending reminders and reports are available in the program. Printing characteristics are different for each template. 

You can install or remove the templates through the commands Account2> Customers> Print Invoices or Manage Apps (from the Apps menu).

Available templates


Change template parameters

For each template some parameters can be set up and changed, such as including (or not) of a header, ISR payment slip (Switzerland only), Logo height in mm (when present) modifying text- or background colors  Here is how to proceed:

  • Choose the Print invoices... command from the Account2 -> Customers menu
  • In the Layout box choose the preferred template from the list
  • Click on the Parameters button to define your preferences.

Select a different template

  • Choose the Print invoices... command from the Account2 -> Customers menu
  • In the Layout box you can see all the templates downloaded from the Manage Apps... command (Apps menu)
  • In case you want to change template, select one of the other templates in the list or click on the Other templates... button to go back to the Manage Apps... dialog window and download new ones.

Update predefined templates

The default templates are being updated automatically, or you can force the update through the Manage Apps... dialog window:

  • Click on the Manage Apps... button from the Apps menu
  • Click on the Update apps button at the bottom of the window.

Create your own customized invoice

Banana allows you to modify the layout of your invoice; if none of the predefined templates matches your needs, you may create your own by customizing an existing one or by creating one from scratch, but knowledge of JavaScript language is required in this instance.

More information can be found on the developers page.

Settings of the invoices

Print VAT information

Display of the VAT amounts will depend on the invoice template being used. Some templates will display amounts with VAT included and others will display amounts excluding VAT, and then add the VAT separately to the total.

Rounding of invoice total

The totals of the invoices in CHF are automatically rounded off to 5 cents. You can disable the rounding by using the Settings command in the Account2 -> Clients menu. In the dialog, select the tab Advanced, Invoice rounding and write 0.01 (which corresponds to 1 cent).


Templates are available in: it = Italian, de = German en = English, fr = French, nl = Dutch

Invoices are printed in the language defined in the accounting file's preferences, unless a different language for the customer was defined (Accounts table, Address view, Language column.)


Some templates are set up to use the existing logo of the company. Refer to the Documents table page (Paragraph "Adding an image to use as a logo when printing the invoices") for information about inserting your own logo.

Swiss ISR payment slip policy:

For the invoice templates that start with CHxx, you can choose whether you want to print the ISR (orange inpayment slip for Switzerland) . In order to print the ES (red inpayment slip), use model [CH09]:

To activate printing of the ISR payment slip in the Print invoices dialog, under Layout, select your template and click on Settings... . Select number 1 in Print ISR for YES, print ISR, or 0 for NO, don't print ISR.

In order to print the ISR, the following information is required from Postfinance or your bank:

  • Bank Account:
    • ISR account: for example 01-9999-9
    • ISR Membership number (ID), for example 113456 (enter without hyphens)
  • Postfinance Account:
    • ISR account: for example 01-9999-9
      (The filed ISR subscriber number is left empty in the settings.)

Personal text

You can enter lines of text in the lower part of the invoice. This can be useful, for example, entering bank data.

Select Account2 ->Customers -> Print invoices and click on the tab Template options. Enter the desired text in the Final text field and confirm with 'OK' to obtain a print preview of the invoice.

Adding notes

There are two possibilities:

  • create one or more records that show the desired text with date and invoice number, the other columns remain empty. In this mode the text will correspond to one line of invoice detail.
  • create one or more records that show the desired text with date and invoice number, and in the Type column (DocType) indicate the value 10:not. In this mode the text will be shown at the end of the invoice.


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