Installing under Linux

Currently there are 3 methods to install Banana Accounting 9 on Linux

  1.     Complete installation, in this way Banana is fully integrated into the operating system.
  2.     Through the AppImage package, simply download and run Banana.
  3.     You can download the compressed package in tgz format, for other types of custom installation.

When downloading the program, the user license conditions are automatically being accepted.

Complete installation

With this procedure, Banana Accounting 9 will be copied to the /opt/banana9 folder, registered in the system and associated with the .ac2 files.

Open a Terminal window (Shell, Konsole) and execute the following commands:


mkdir ban9 && tar -xzf banana9.tgz -C ban9


At this point Banana is already installed and ready to operate.

Need more help installing Banana for Linux? Watch this Video tutorial

Packages .AppImage

  • Download the package
  • We reccommend to save the package under $HOME/.local/bin or $HOME/bin
  • Make the package executable
    • Right click the package and select Properties
    • Under the tab Permisssion activate the option "Allow execution ..." 
    • Confirm the change with Ok
  • Start the application with a double click on the package
  • Insert and save the license key in order to enable the complete mode

To uninstall the program, simply delete the package.

Download .appImage

Packages .tgz

  • Download the .tgz package
  • Extract the .tgz package
  • Run the file
  • In order to enable the complete mode, insert and save the license key.

To uninstall the program remove the folder containing Banana9. Be careful not to delete user data!

Download tar.gz


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