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Banana Accounting allows you to set up the list of partners with the address data and a series of other settings that allow you to automatically obtain:

Setting up members' accounts

Member accounts are set up in the Accounts table, at the end of the chart of accounts. After each recorded movement, the account balance and member total appear for each member.

  • In the Section column, enter an asterisk for the section change.
  • In the Section column of the next row, enter 04 as revenue.
  • For each member account, use cost center CC3 (;).


setup membership list, accounts table

Adresses for membership list

Transactions on member accounts

Deposits and other transactions related to members are recorded in the Transactions table. For the movement to be recorded to the cost center, enter the member's CC3 account using the CC3 column. The cost center account must be entered without punctuation.

In order to display the CC3 column, click on the Data menu → Columns setup → CC3, by activating visible in the small box at the bottom of the dialog.

Transactions on members accounts, CC3
Each member's transactions and balance can be viewed via the account card by clicking on the small blue cell icon, or from the Reports menu → Account cards.

Membership list, account cards

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