United Arab Emirates

Banana Accounting

Banana accounting is one of the leading accounting software in Switzerland and offers more than just the VAT management. It is a universal accounting software that offers several features like automatic invoicing, Excel-like environment, financial planning and much more.

Thanks to its versatility, it can be adapted and used all over the world. Our customers have the chance to create completely personalized accountings or to take advantage of the ready-to-use templates we provide.

Any kind of business can benefit from utilizing Banana Accounting. The software is devised to be easy and quick to use thanks to the user-friendly interface and its Excel-like usability.

Banana Accounting offers several functionalities that will help you deal with any situations you could be confronted with. VAT and invoices management, multi-currency transactions and much more are all functionalities included in the software.

Here, you can have a broad overview of all the features offered.

At Banana Accounting we believe in providing the costumers with what they need. We collaborate with clients to improve the software and the features offered. We encourage you to send us suggestions or issues you encountered using our software.

You can contact us with our contact form. or you can directly give us feedbacks on github/SaudiArabia.


After the introduction of the VAT in the UAE Banana Accounting developed, thanks to the similarities between the swiss market and the UAE market, specific template and apps for the VAT management in the UAE. 

With our software, customers can easily manage the VAT and, in addition, benefit of all the other features Banana Accounting offers. 

Try the free trial version that allows you to explore all the functionalities of Banana (maximum of 70 transactions)!

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