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We offer introductory courses in accounting with Banana Accounting, as well as assistance on site or by Zoom, during problems of use, giving you the benefit of more than 10 years of experience with the software and a fruitful collaboration with the parent company, both on a theoretical and practical basis.

alrconsulting assists you for all versions of Banana Accounting and for all these functions:

  • Multi-currency accounting
  • VAT
  • Invoicing and management of the Table of Articles, with QR code.
  • Project management with implementation of Segments.
  • Budget management.

In addition, all services offered by a Fiduciary are also provided:

  • Accounting - control of accounts, preparation of balance sheets and budgets
  • Advice on the structure of the Chart of Accounts in double entry, with Cost Centers and/or Segments, Multi-currencies
  • Reporting
  • Taxation (Switzerland)

Specialized in consulting in the associative and cultural environment, we work in
English, French, Deutsch, Italiano
Rates: Frs 80.--/hour or according to estimate for specific projects

Tarifs: Frs 80.--/heure ou selon devis pour des projets spécifiques

Daniel Freuler
Avenue de Frontenex 3
1207 Genève

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