Yacht Management

Fast and easy to use, Banana Accounting allows you to manage Yachts, Cruises and Boats. Its user friendly interface speeds up your work, so you can spend more time on other operations of your business.


What kind of accounting software?

  • It's Spreadsheet inspired
  • It's multilingual
  • It's professional


Get results immediately

You can start managing your Yacht accounting in JUST 3 STEPS:
after the free download of Banana Accounting, create a new file opening the Yacht Template in the list, customize it for your specific needs and then enter your accounting transactions.

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Once you have downloaded Banana, use this accounting template in order to have all the benefits:


Interesting advantages are waiting for you

  • Flexibility: the software adapts to your activity, you can manage your yacht, cruise, boat or any vehicle for water travel
  • Adaptation: predefined account chart with expenses (Engine, Crew, Administrative, Guests) and revenues that can be easily adapted to your specific needs
  • Customization: create an accounting file that include only the functionalities needed
  • Expenses and income under control every day
  • Attribution of costs and revenues to a specific boat (multiple management of boats) or specific projects
  • Financial planning in order to understand the progress of your business and take decisions by intervening in advance
  • Create your reports to get a monthly or annual overview of the economic and financial situation


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