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Nonprofit operating abroad

Nonprofit organizations working in foreign countries need a flexible accounting solution. Fast and easy to use, Banana Accounting helps many small associations and not for profit organizations working in different countries.


What kind of accounting software?

  • It's Spreadsheet inspired
  • It's multilingual
  • It's professional

The ability to adapt to the different user needs makes Banana Accounting a universal software, becoming a much better solution than softwares developed for a specific country.


Get results immediately

You can start managing your Nonprofit abroad in JUST 3 STEPS:
after the free download of Banana Accounting, create a new file opening one of the Nonprofit Organization Templates in the list, customize it for your specific needs and then enter your accounting transactions.




Once you have downloaded Banana, use these accounting templates in order to have all the benefits:


Software interesting advantages for you

  • Higly customizable to conform to the specific countries requirements
  • Multi-language and multi-currency
  • Reporting accepted by international auditors
  • Reporting for the main accounting, for specific projects and for donors (cost and profit centers)
  • Easy to use, a non professional accountant should be able to use it
  • Not be dependent on the availability of internet
  • Allowing to share data by email or with a cloud system (dropbox, icloud)
  • Easy to operate, without the need to have local technicians
  • Offer data compatibility with Excel and other softwares
  • Affordable
  • Expenses and income under control every day
  • Financial planning in order to understand the progress of your organization and take decisions by intervening in advance
  • Create your reports to get a monthly or annual overview of the economic and financial situation


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More useful information

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