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Banana Accounting does make available a series of accounting templates, focused on specific sectors, that can be used in different countries.

Universal Accounting Templates

Universal accounting templates offer a professional, practical and fast solution. We aim to provide universal accounting templates for:

  • Family, home and private finances
    Household accounting and budget
  • Family offices, Holding companies, trusts and assets management companies, entities with the main goal of holding and managing financial assets
  • Real estate
    Condominiums or rented real estate management
  • Nonprofit
    Accounting for Associations, cooperatives and other entities with non-profit goals
  • Religious organizations
    Accounting for Religious organizations, Churches and Parishes
  • Restaurants
    Accounting for Restaurants, Bar, Pizzeria and Pubs
  • SME Small and Medium Enterprises
    Accounting for Small and Medium Companies, Professional studios and Shops
    • Basic accounting plan
    • Structured accounting plan, conforming to IFRS, based on the SME Swiss accounting plan structure
  • Yachts
    Accounting for Yachts, Cruises and Boats


All-in-one Accounting, Business Intelligence and Financial Planning

Universal template have been setup for:

  • Full accounting management 
    • Balance sheet
    • Income & Expense
  • Business intelligence
    • Cost and profit centers when suitable (specific projects management, members and/or donor list for non profit organizations)
    • Customers and suppliers management
  • Financial planning
    • Including the Budget table
    • Setup of predefined compositions for budgeting and for actual vs. budget comparison

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