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Free Time Sheet for short-time work compensation request (Coronavirus)

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Free application that allows each employee to record working hours, holidays, absences and those hours lost for Coronavirus. Meets the legal obligation to keep track of hours worked. Speed up control and avoid mistakes. Quickly get reports with all the data required to prepare your salary, check absences and holidays and to request the loss of earnings allowance from the unemployment fund.

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Watch the video: Take 3 minutes to discover how to create your own Timesheet, insert the expected working hours and daily data and print monthly reports for you and your employer.

Collecting hours short time working compensations

The Banana Accounting Timesheet, which can be used free of charge, meets the legal requirements relating to the obligation to systematically record attendances and also the requirements for applying for short time working compensations, thus providing the company with a time control system which includes:

  • hours worked daily, including any extra hours,
  • hours lost through economic reasons and
  • all other absences such as e.g. holidays, sick leave, accidents, military service

Using the Timesheet, each employee creates and manages their own worksheet throughout the year and with their own computer by setting the scheduled time and holidays and then entering daily income and expenses, holidays and hours of absences. The insertion is simple and safe because all data are immediately verified. The program does the calculations, therefore it saves time and avoids mistakes. The employee, then has available an instant and comprehensive view directly in the table:

  • Daily hours with the daily and cumulative difference compared to the scheduled time.
  • The totals per month and per year, of the hours worked, holidays and absences and hours lost through economic reasons.

The program prepares a report with daily hours and totals by month. The signed report helps the employer to prepare the salary, check the backlog of holidays, hours to be recovered and also to prepare the request for the short time working compensations for the Coronavirus emergency.

Enter the employee work schedule

How to claim compensation short time working

The reduced work allowances are managed by the Canton, but regulated by the Confederation.

How to access short-time allowances:

  • Submit a request to your Cantonal employment office for advance notification of short-time working (follow the cantonal information).
    The right to the allowance starts with the sending of the advance notification, therefore it is essential to fill in the form with all the necessary information (including the chosen Unemployment fund from which to receive the allowance).
  • Each employee keeps track of working hours with the Banana Accounting hours sheet, indicating the hours not worked for economic reasons.
  • The competent Cantonal Office evaluates and accepts the request. The Unemployment Fund is informed that your request has been accepted.
  • Each month you must complete the application form for the compensation application, with the hours lost for each employee and send it to the Unemployment fund.

Organize the tracking of hours in your company

A timesheet must be prepared for each employee, see also:

How to use the free template of the reduced hourly count

Each employee downloads and installs Banana Accounting 9 on their own computer, pad or smartphone,

Create your personal hours sheet

Every employee must create a Timesheet on their computer, which will be valid throughout the year.

  1. Open the program and select the New command from the File menu
  2. Select the Time Sheet for short-time working compensation (Coronavirus) and press the Create button
  3. Save the file on your computer or in the cloud Dropbox, iCloud, Google drive or other.

From the File menu choose the New command

Enter the employee's personal data

In the Sheet section, indicate the employee data and also the AVS (social security) number and the percentage of work.

Enter the employee personal data

Set working hours

In the Start section, enter the employee's usual working time and the report of hours worked and holidays.
Enter the employee work schedule

Enter the daily hours

In the Journal table enter the start and end times of the work, any illnesses, holidays, etc., day by day.
In the Lost hours Red. work column enter the hours that the employee can NOT accomplish every day compared to the usual time.
This is a systematic Timesheet template (insertion of start and end time of work) - there also exists a simplified hour collection (insertion of number of hours actually worked).

Enter the daily worked hours

Specific monthly report for the reduced hourly allowance

We have created a specific extension to obtain the report in a similar way to that required by the Unemployment funds to count the lost hours for Coronavirus.
From the Extensions menu → manage extensions... look for the Timesheet - Monthly summary with total daily hours extension and install it.
When you want to print the report from the Extensions menu click on, click on Timesheet - Monthly summary with total daily hours.
Enter the specified period and the columns you wish to figure in print.

For more information refer also to page Timesheet - Monthly summary with total daily hours

Automatic report of timesheet with reduced hours

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