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    Timesheet - Monthly summary with total daily hours


    Timesheet Extension that allows you to create and print detailed monthly reports day by day.

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    Use the additional column Lost hours - Reduced work in order to mark the missed hours for economic reasons (reduced work). The program calculates the totals and any differences with the hours due.

    This extension will allow you to create and print detailed monthly reports day by day.

    How to use it

    In order to use this extension you need to take the following steps:

    • Download and install Banana Accounting 9.
    • Download the template Free Time Sheet for short-time work compensation request (Coronavirus)
    • From the Extensions menu → Manage extensions....  look for and install this extension.
    • At the end of each month you can easily get the report by executing the extension from the Extensions menu.
    • In the dialog window select your desired time period.

      Select the desider period
    • Indicate the social ID of the employee and the columns of the Journal table that you want to include in the report.

    • Confirm your setting by clicking OK in order to create the report.

    The report can be saved in PDF format and/or printed.

    Automatic report of timesheet with reduced hours

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