Swiss Postfinance (Import CSV Transactions)

Import CSV file from Swiss Postfinance

Postfinance (Swiss) makes the transactions of the account available in two formats, ISO20022 and CSV.

ISO20022 File format

Postfinance clients have to contact the Postfinance customer service and indicate that they wish to receive the electronic account statements in the international ISO20022 format, indicating the preferred frequency.

Once the file is available on the Postfinance website, it needs to be downloaded on the user's computer. Then, use the Import to accounting command and choose the type "Bank statement Camt ISO 20022 (Switzerland)".

CSV File format

This filter needs to be activated with the Manage Filters command (make sure you are using the most recent version, updating the filters with the appropriate command).

Download and import the Postfinance file:

  • When you display the account transactions on the Postfinance website, click on the "Export" button at the end, after the complete transactions list.
  • Save the file on your computer and import the transactions, using the Postfinance filter (*.csv).
  • Postfinance exports maximum 100 transactions. In case you have more transactions, use the Postfinance function to select the period and download the transactions in several files.

With this format, you can download the transactions when you want, without waiting for the Postfinance to make the account statement available in the  ISO20022 format.



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