Invoice printing and VAT


In Banana Accounting it is possible to manage customers/suppliers using both the turnover and the cash received method. However, as far as invoice printing is concerned, there are some limitations if in accounting you record the amounts net and at the same time use the cash received method.

If we want to create invoices, it is not possible to enter amounts net of VAT with the method on the cash received because, when the invoice is issued, the VAT codes must be written between square brackets and the VAT is not calculated but is only an indication for the printing of the document.


Management based on turnover

  • VAT is registered at the moment of issue or receipt
  • Accounts setup: active accounts on the balance sheet for each client (ledger) or a single debtor account
  • The invoice issue transaction shows the VAT code
  • With the VAT Flat tax rate method, the VAT indicated on the invoice is different from that paid by the taxpayer, therefore it must be indicated between square brackets
 Gross AmountNet amount
Effective VAT method
VAT Flat tax rate method

Management based on cash received

  • VAT is recorded at the time of collection or payment
  • Accounts setup: cost centers CC3 or CC1 or CC2
  • The invoice issuing transaction has the VAT code between square brackets [] and the VAT amount is not recorded in the accounting, for this reason it is not possible to indicate the net amount because the gross amount is not calculated.

More details can be found at the following page :

 Gross AmountNet amount
Effective VAT method
VAT Flat tax rate method


Examples with transactions to create invoices and enter them into the accounting for both the effective VAT method and the VAT Flat tax rate method:


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